No juzgar un libro por su portada (ni su introducción)

Empezando a leer un libro de pentesting (los sueños de la infancia nunca mueren), dentro de las primeras 20 páginas me cruzo con lo siguiente:


It may help to consider the Star Wars universe where there are two sides of the “force”: Jedis and Siths. Good vs. Evil. Both sides have access to an incredible power. One side uses its power to protect and serve, whereas the other side uses it for personal gain and exploitation. Learning to hack is much like learning to use the force (or so I imagine!).


Among the most well known of these penetration testing distributions is one called “Backtrack”. Backtrack Linux is your one-stop shop for learning hacking and performing penetration testing. Backtrack Linux reminds me of that scene in the first Matrix movie where Tank asks Neo “What do you need besides a miracle?”, and Neo responds with “Guns. Lots of Guns”. At this point in the movie, rows and rows of guns slide into view. […] That is a similar experiencie most newcomers have when they first boot up Backtrack. “Tools. Lots of Tools”.

Con ambas referencias en tan corto lapso, debo decir que el libro me compró. Habrá que ver si vale la pena…

(el libro en cuestión es este)


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