I’m kind of ashamed of being myself today

Oh God you know what I’m kind of ashamed of being myself today, and yesterday and the day before that, not really proud of who I am or how I look. Any one have one of those days were you don’t even really like what you’re wearing, you know, you don’t like how your hair looks, and kind of bumed about how your penis is so small and bent and weird.

Tom Delonge, The Mark Tom And Travis Show

No necesariamente por el último ejemplo que da, pero sí, a veces pasa con todo. No te agrada nada de lo que tenés cerca.

2 thoughts on “I’m kind of ashamed of being myself today”

  1. La Verdad , No Entendi un Carajo XD.
    Pero , Habla sobre la Verguenza al Mirarte al Espejo y que nada te guste algo asi no ?
    La Verdad , menos mal que deje ingles.

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