You’ve got a chance to put things right
So how’s it going to be?

No siempre se da la posibilidad de una segunda oportunidad. Pero, tal vez, después de la primera oportunidad, y a pesar de estar en una distinta situación para afrontarla… te das cuenta que por algo se dio así.

Driving this road down to paradise
Letting the sun light into my eyes
Our only plan is to improvise
And it’s crystal clear
That I don’t ever want it to end
If I had my way I would never leave
Keep building these random memories
Turning our days into melodies
But since I can’t stay

I’ll just keep playing back
These fragments of time
Everywhere I go
These moments will shine

Show me the way
The truth, the anger, show me rules of thumb
Show the way to grow old

Love is a guide
The endless river of the soul
But we are mean
The dried up riverbeds of rock and stone
Lust is my friend
She comes to me when I am tired


Life is a secret, death is a myth
Love is a fraud, it’s misunderstood
Work is a sentence, family’s a drag
This house is a trap

9 días <3