Robots & Empire

It didn’t make them unusual to avoid trips. Aurorans generally -Spacers generally, for that matter- tended to be stay-at homes. Their worlds, their establishments, were too comfortable. After all, what pleasure could be greater than that of being taken care of by your own robots, robots who knew your every signal, and, for that matter, knew your ways and desires even without being told.

She stirred uneasily. Was that what D.G. had meant when he spoke of the decadence of a roboticized society?

The Naked Sun

It was all he had loved, all he had hated and feared to leave, all he had thought he longed for on Solaria.
And it was all strange to him.
He couldn’t make himself fit back in.
He had gone out to solve a murder and something had happened to him.
He had told Minnim the Cities were wombs, and so they were. And what was the first thing a man must do before he can be a man? He must be born. He must leave the womb. And once left, it could not be re-entered.
Baley had left the City and could not re-enter. The City was no longer his; the Caves of Steel were alien. This had to be. And it would be so for others and Earth would be born again and reach outward.

Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John

What a waste, I could’ve been your lover
What a waste, I could’ve been your friend
Perfect love is like a blossom that fades so quick
When it’s blowing up a storm in May

Travel south until your skin turns warmer
Travel south until your skin turns brown
Put a language in your head and get on a train
And then come back to the one you love

Yeah you’re great, you’re just part of this lifetime of dreaming
That extends to the heart of this long summer feeling

Al fin y al cabo, lo único que nos queda es agradecer por el paso de cada persona por nuestras vidas y acordarnos de todo lo lindo que dejó, indicado para cada momento.

Memories fade
Like looking through a fogged mirror
Decisions too
Decisions are made
Decisions are made and not bought
But I thought this wouldn’t hurt a lot
I guess not

Control yourself
Take only what you need from it

Un mago de Terramar

Y empezaba a vislumbrar la verdad, que Ged no había ganado ni perdido: al nombrar a la sombra de la muerte con su propio nombre se había convertido en un hombre entero que nunca sería poseído por otro poder, y que viviría solo por la vida misma, y nunca al servicio de la ruina, el dolor, el odio o la oscuridad. En la Creación de Ea, que es de todos los cantares el más antiguo, se dice: “Solo en el silencio la palabra, solo en la oscuridad la luz, solo en la muerte la vida; el vuelo del halcón brilla en el cielo vacío”.